Want to know more about the Hotmail.com mail  server ? In 1994 was born the first webmail in the world, titled by Hotmail . For decades Hotmail email has remained almost the same name and still remains in the mouth of the people, changing the look a little to suit the year and adding new options. Until it got to the point where everything needed to change, including its source code. And that’s how Outlook was born.www.hotmail.com


In 1998 Hotmail email was officially launched by Microsoft, but before that, in 1994, it was started by its founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith . They believed that the internet needed something better than having to install everything on their computer. In the past, you only had e-mail if you had a computer at home and that person asked your provider for an e-mail. Do not confuse, Hotmail was not the first way to exchange emails, but the first to send for free and without having a computer in your home.

With this new facility, it caught quick attention and garnered users as easy as you can imagine. It was a revolution in the world of email!

Microsoft took an interest in the program and made several offers for it, but its founders found the offers incompatible with the potential they invented, so they only sold when Bill Gates offered no less than $ 400 million. Thus, Hotmail email is no longer Hotmail Corp. and becomes Windows Live Hotmail .

Initially, its functions were the same as the existing e-mails of the time, but its storage space was 2MB. For years it kept ceding 5GB of storage and only rethought it when Gmail was born and decided to fight for space.


Hotmail.com ‘s main functions were improving over time, but when it announced its merger with Outlook, you could (in summary):

  • Create folders and subfolders to organize your drafts and sent / received emails;
  • Connect with MSN (which by the way, could only be accessed with an account that had the domain @ hotmail.com);
  • Insert images in the body of the email by URL only, ie you needed to save the image on some website to copy the image address and put in the body of the email;
  • Use HTML;
  • Insert video by the same process of inserting image;
  • Send email to multiple contacts;
  • Messenger in the corner of the screen;
  • Add an inbox background image in two clicks;
  • Search within Bing-connected email;
  • Emoticons; 😛
  • Office documents (not the way it is today);
  • Attachments;
  • Calendar.

Although these functions sound familiar, they were all done in simplicity that, for the time, was sufficient.

From the look, to the amount of functions, with Hotmail’s growth coming in , features were being added and improved, so it didn’t always have “all” of that.

But when Microsoft created the look and rethink or Windows for Windows 8, they understood that Hotmail was getting outdated, and needed changes and improvements that fit the new Windows. And that’s when the new Outlook.com came on July 31, 2012 with a more attractive look.


Outlook was (and still can be) one of the software that needed to be installed on your PC to have access to your email. At the time, in 1997, it was Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express that represented electronic mail.

At that time also existed MSN , but the portal we know today, not the messenger who retired. MSN’s role was to be an internet service provider and it also became a portal with interesting content for its subscribers. It was shaping up over time until Hotmail came and went.create-new-account-hotmail

But the Outlook email was the service offered by the provider to have access to your email. The difference between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Express was that Microsoft Outlook was focused on the business user who wanted greater control of other platforms; calendar; discussion groups and etc. while the second was for the average user who just wanted to read news and send emails.

When Hotmail email was announced by Microsoft, a “merger” of the services mentioned here was made. It was interesting for the user to be able to send their emails to Outlook contacts without having to access the software, as well as being able to view their MSN news and retrieve their important emails that could be saved in the Hotmail trash thanks to the option POP.


The features of Outlook.com are the same as Hotmail login , but today there are additions that almost make the inbox a virtual version of major Office Desktop packages.

New and updated features include:

  • You can copy and paste an image into the body of the email without having to copy the URL;
  • You can save your most important files in Word Online, One Drive, Excel Online, and other familiar Microsoft packages;
  • You can link all your Live accounts (Windows Live) into one. Xbox, Skype, Calendar…;
  • You can import all your contacts from Google, Yahool and LikedIn to your Outlook account.
  • You can connect with Skype and make video calls or just chat with instant messaging, and you can connect with Twitter;
  • Define rules and categories for new emails;
  • Set email auto responder.


  • Add a background image to your inbox, just change the color;
  • Connect with Facebook due to a Facebook update that doesn’t agree with Outlook;
  • Back to the old look of Hotmail.


  • Create folders and subfolders;
  • Use HTML;
  • Flag your important messages (which won’t be deleted even when you click “Delete All”);
  • Create a quick read pane of the email you click.

Outlook was famous before Hotmail came in , but its features merged with Hotmail email made it more user-friendly, dynamic and full of possibilities. With it you are even able to create a financial plan, for example, without having to purchase Microsoft packages, but of course, you need to be connected to the internet. What are you waiting for your email? Come now  create your Hotmail email . 🙂