Hotmail email password recovery is now more systematic in order to prevent hackers from hacking Hotmail email accounts as much as possible . But don’t worry about the time you created your Hotmail account you may have left or another alternate email or mobile phone number where Hotmail can send you a code to recover your account. So let’s go to step by step -step to recover the password.


So let’s get to grips with how to recover Hotmail password :

  1. The first thing to do is go to the Homail website
  2. Click the ” Can’t access your account? Option .
  3. Now in the following screen as we are working on password recovery, you will click on the first option ” Forgotten Password ” and ” Next “.
  4.  and you will see the homepage.ATTENTION : However, if you are sure that your password is correct but still giving error, click on the second option. The latter should only be chosen if you really think someone is using your Hotmail account. He will ask a series of questions that only the account owner should know.
  5. After clicking on “ I forgot my password” , new fields will pop up to fill in and recover your account. Enter the email you lost access to and the security letters that appear in blue next to New and Audio. It is mandatory to enter the lyrics to continue, but if you have difficulty understanding them, click ” New” to change or ” Audio” to hear them. Type exactly as it is there and click ” Next ” to continue.
  6. If you click on the first Email option, it will send an email with a code to the email registered as a secondary email and you will need to have access to it. Open it in a different browser or anonymous tab (CTRL + N) and copy the code that Microsoft sends you to the browser you used to recover and click ” Next “.
  7. If you choose the Text or Call options , Hotmail will contact you at the registered phone number and provide you with a code. That’s why it’s important to keep your number up to date. Once you have the code, just type and ” Submit Code ” to reset a new password and retrieve your email.
  8. After that, click submit. If he says something went wrong, redo it. If all goes well, you will see your mailbox. If after countless attempts nothing works out, then consider creating a new account.