Outlook email – formerly called Hotmail and also went by the name MSN Hotmail – is one of the leading email services, located only behind Gmail. The service is part of Microsoft products, therefore, having an Outlook / Hotmail account provides access to various services offered by the company that is also behind Windows at the same time.

Creating an account in Outlook or Hotmail  is a fairly simple task, in which you will simply need your personal data, a secure password and a phone number (or secondary email) as a means of account recovery. Here at InfoCuentas we will show you step by step what you must do to create an email address, either @ hotmail.com, @ outlook.com or @ outlook.es.

How to register an Outlook / Hotmail email, step by step

There is no doubt that the main means of access to Outlook mail (Hotmail) is the one that works through the web, accessing www.outlook.com or www.hotmail.com . This method is adapted to mobile phones and computers, therefore you can follow all the email creation procedures both from your Android smartphone, iOS or any other operating system, as well as from Windows, Linux or MacOS computers from the browser. that you prefer. Let’s go for it!

    1. Access https://outlook.live.com/owa/?nlp=1&signup=1 , the page to register for the Outlook or Hotmail service.
    2. Complete the form with the email address you prefer. You can choose between @ outlook.com, @ outlook.es, @ hotmail.com; however, note that the address must not currently be taken by another user.

In the case of choosing an email address that is already taken by another user, when you press the “Next” button, the Outlook page will recommend that you choose a different username or address (change the @).

3 – The next step is to create a password , which must be secure enough to prevent access by strangers. Be sure to choose a difficult password to guess! If possible, use letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and even symbols.

The “Show password” box will serve to discover the key you are typing, while the second box is used to receive updates from Microsoft, both boxes are optional.

4- Enter your first and last name and then click “Next”.

5- Then, you must assign your date of birth

6-Finally, you must verify that you are a real person by entering the characters you see in the image

It can happen that the characters are very difficult to understand, no problem! You can press the “New” button to generate another image, or press the “Sound” button to listen to the lyrics. This constitutes a method to avoid the automatic creation of accounts by computer programs. Then press the “Next” button

7- Ready! Your Outlook account has been created and you will be taken to the Outlook inbox , formerly known as Hotmail.

In your brand new email inbox you will find a new message from the Outlook team , with some tips to follow for your new account.

Outlook / Hotmail application for mobile (Android, iOS and others)

To create an Outlook or Hotmail account from the mobile you can follow all the processes that we have just mentioned for the browser, later you can log in from the official application for Outlook, available in the app stores for Android (Play Store) and iOS ( App Store).

These applications will only allow you to log in to your Outlook email, however, you will not be able to create an account from the application; For this you must follow the procedures mentioned in the previous section.

Having the Outlook or Hotmail application installed on your mobile will allow you to receive instant notifications of all emails that arrive in your inbox and review them in a more comfortable way.

Important! Assign additional contact information

One mistake that many new Outlook / Hotmail users make is not to add an alternative contact information that will allow the account to be recovered in case of losing access to it. It is a very simple procedure that will save you from headaches the day you lose your account (hopefully it won’t happen!).

  1. Enter https://account.microsoft.com/security/?lang=es-ES, the page regarding the security of your account .
  2. Log in if requested, Microsoft may sometimes ask you for more information to verify your identity, for example, SMS verification.
  3. Go to ” Security Contact Information “.
  4. Then click ” Add security information “.
  5. Choose from the options of: phone number or an alternative email address that you have registered with another service.
  6. Check the chosen method . If you have chosen the phone number, an SMS will be sent to you with a code that you must enter on the corresponding page; while if you chose an alternative email address, you must access it and copy the code sent by Microsoft.

Having followed these procedures you can have the peace of mind that you can recover your account in the event that you no longer have access to it. Remember that the more verification methods you add, the better it will be.

The benefits of having an Outlook / Hotmail account

When making the decision to create an email account, you may wonder what are the benefits that each of the alternatives can offer you. Just as Google offers some additional benefits when creating a Gmail account, Outlook also has its own with some benefits that we can mention below:

  • Access to Microsoft’s office suite online, you can edit your documents just as you would with desktop programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and others).
  • Powerful calendar that can be integrated with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and other accounts.
  • Application availability: Outlook has its own application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which will allow you to access your inbox more easily.
  • Easier to access a Skype account, what’s more, you can log into Skype with your new Hotmail or Outlook email!
  • 5GB of free storage on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage.
  • Access to Windows Store: If you have Windows 10 or Windows Phone, you can download programs by accessing with your new Outlook email account.
  • Xbox account: having an account in Outlook means having an account in Xbox, good news if you have this video game console!

Now that we already tell you the most remarkable thing about having an Outlook / Hotmail account, it’s time for you to explore on your own everything Microsoft has to offer you 😉