Want to know how to email Hotmail ? If you are having trouble sending an email through Hotmail , please be aware that it is completely normal. Nowadays your look is a bit different from your competitors and it may not sound intuitive right away for those coming from Gmail, for example. But once you find yourself, you will hardly get lost.



Before you want to send a Hotmail email , you first need to log into Hotmail and know the inbox and know how it works, where it is, and what you can do inside it. This information will be very useful to you for future use, but if you only want to email Hotmail, skip to the next topic.

The opening page, which appears as soon as you log in to Hotmail , consists of the folders: Inbox, Trash, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted .


  • In “Inbox” you will have access to your viewed or unseen emails. All incoming emails that you have not yet opened will show with the highlighted name (bold) and those that have already been opened will be deleted.
  • In “Drafts” are saved all emails that you started to create, but for some reason did not send or prefer to save only.
  • In the “Trash” is where everything Hotmail understands as spam or unwanted messages. By default, they trash informational, commercial, marketing emails that are sent to multiple people at once, and suspicious scam emails. It is common that that expected email did not appear in your inbox because it was misunderstood and ended up in the trash, which is why it is always recommended to check it before cleaning up.
  • Under “Sent” is a copy of each email you send along with your replies, if any.
  • And last but not least, in Hotmail email you have the option to just delete and permanently delete. When you choose to delete only, they are sent to the “Deleted” folder so you don’t lose that important email you accidentally deleted.

Now that you know how your sent and received emails are organized in your Hotmail , learn how to send one.


At the top of the folders explained earlier, there is something similar with this one, only the color you chose when creating your Hotmail account , or blue, which is the default color.

Next to the name Outlook.com is + New . Click on it and you will see the following screen:

In ” To ” you enter the email address of the person who will receive your new email. If it’s more than one person or more than one address, just separate it with commas. Regardless of whether you’re sending email to people who use Gmail or Hotmail sign in , always write full, for example: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

In the part that says ” Add a subject ” you will put the subject of the email. And in ” Add a message or drag a file ” is where you will write your email.

You have the following tools available to customize and make your email text more interesting and organized:


  1. Bold: You make a sentence or all of the text highlighted, making it darker. Simply select a portion of text and click the N .
  2. Italics: To leave a sentence in italics as in this example . To do this, simply select a portion of text and click the I .
  3. Underline: To leave a sentence with a line underneath, as in this example .
  4. Change the font: Clicking on it brings up a short list of fonts that will change the font format.
  5. Change font size: Choose a number to decrease or increase the font size.
  6. Change font color: Change the color of your entire text, a sentence, or just a word.
  7. Change the highlight color: The highlight color is the background color as if it were made by a highlighter.
  8. Create Numeric List: Before starting a list, you click this option first and normally write your list that the numbers will generate by themselves. A list very similar to this one.
  9. Create bulleted list: Much like numeric.
  10. Decrease Indent.
  11. Increase Indent: Set the indent of your text.
  12.  Align text to left, right, or center.
  13. Insert hyperlink: Place an embedded link in the text. Similar to this one. -> All about Hotmail email.
  14. Insert emoticon: Add some smiley faces to express what you are thinking.:)