Hotmail was born in 1996, being one of the first emails and was bought in 1997 by Microsoft but the Hotmail service was not updated for eight years. Until June Hotmail remained the largest online email service in the world, with 324 million users, or about 36 percent of the global market and the address in the first places of access.Right now hotmail is became but still people are searching on internet for tho hotmail login.

Microsoft renamed Outlook to its Hotmail service, giving it a new look, links to social networks, and new features to manage the flow of mass mail and main spam due to Hotmail. In an attempt to grow back, Microsoft now renamed its mail service from Hotmail to Outlook a name already known to those Microsoft Office users. you will find all information regarding homtmail  here in this post. login

Outlook It has been released, without prior notice, in 14 languages ​​and with an application for Android tablets and mobile phones, with the promise of extending soon to more platforms, which is why we must now get used to writing instead of


 You can go practicing writing because the address will be removed from the web in the future. Let’s say goodbye to our PC at to give space to the future as change is inevitable and Hotmail has evolved. Surprising all Internet users, Hotmail has decided to withdraw from email and make a complete makeover to Outlook.

However, the change from to is not done automatically, but you must do it manually within the Hotmail configuration options.

Try logging in from instead of and enter in your favorites or bookmarks as will not be available.

Want to know how to create Hotmail email and don’t know how? Don’t worry it’s still possible for you to have your Hotmail email. Check out the article and see how to get your Hotmail email in just a few steps.

With the spread of the internet and a growing number of member networks, many people believe that email is becoming outdated and unnecessary, but 90% of the things you do on the internet, even today, will need, or needed, an email address from you that was active.So after gmail announced lots of people are shifted on google mail service .

hotmail login

Email is not just for messaging and maintaining a contact list you haven’t seen in years. It is your virtual address and if it is the same for everything you do – see signup on Youtube , Facebook and etc – it becomes your digital ID. It may sound like an exaggeration to you that you have no idea how many thousands of spans your email box has been accumulating over the months of downtime, but for people who shop online, pay and virtual receipts, media management or even even if you keep losing your Google account password, your email will rarely be crowded with cobwebs.

Having an email is important because everything you do today on the internet will need it.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the webmail drummer Hotmail . You will learn many things, such as logging in Hotmail login and security tips.

Hotmail Login

The internet we know today is, in fact, overwhelmingly influenced by Google , Microsoft, and Apple , but it is from Microsoft that came the first Webmail. The Hotmail , created in 1996 by two Indian (Bhatia and Smith) and sold to Bill Gates in 1997, has led several long names such as Windows Live Hotmail , but in the mouth of the people only worked Hotmail and popularized. Its strength is so great that even nowadays people do not see much calling by another name, except new users who have known as it is today.

It was the first email from thousands of people and is even mine. To get a sense of its grandeur (no exaggeration of the “grandiose”), Hotmail is estimated to have over 300 million users worldwide, although its competitors are vying for leadership together. For consecutive years, there was only room for him and no one else.

Hotmail has merged with Outlook to bring performance and usability improvements as well as a cleaner, more fluid look. Even if you feel lost because of the nomenclature, it’s all the same! Do not freak out.

When Hotmail merged with Outlook, as Microsoft decided to change the email service completely, Hotmail email became only the third domain used for new signups. In the eyes of users, the change made has affected the database – programming information – more than the visual, because Outlook used a lot of Hotmail, such as its functions and settings. But it is wrong to say that the change was not perceptive.

The look is cleaner, more intuitive and dynamic. In addition, of course, you are now in tune with Skype, Skydrive and all Outlook services. Now let’s get to what really matters! See how to  register Hotmail and learn how to sign in to Hotmail .


To create Hotmail and still have its domain in your address [email protected] is very simple. Today we want to teach you how to have your @ account Follow the walkthrough below:

Step 1 : Open your web browser, which you usually use and type in the address,  or access Hotmail directly by clicking ‘ HERE ‘.

hotmail sign in

Step 2: Now once inside the official page of your new email provider, look for the phrase: “ Don’t have a Microsft account? ”And click  “ Subscribe Now ” located in the bottom right corner of the screen. (as an example above).


Step 3: Now it’s time to create your account and fill in your first personal details such as your first and last name.


Step 4 : Next, choose a username for your email, this username will be the name of your email ( [email protected] ), and then in this case we want to create a account we chose “ hotmail. com ” , even though Microsoft gives three options to choose from ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘. and many others option was available that time.

Step 5: We will now continue with your email password, please be aware that your password must be at least 8 uppercase and lowercase characters. If you want to have a secure password for your Hotmail, here’s how to create a secure password for your email .

hotmail email login

We continue to fill in our personal details such as our country of residence, date of birth, gender, phone number, alternate email address (other than new email account).  Please note : Your phone number and alternate email address have a very important purpose in protecting your email account, as if for any reason whatsoever, we cannot access the email through the phone number. or alternate email we will be able to recover our password and get the email back.

Step 6: Almost to finish fill the field with the displayed character

hotmail email login english

Step 7: Finally, click on ” Create Account “, the blue button.

Step 8: Click the blue ” Continue to Inbox” button . And now your Hotmail account has   been created. Ready! You now have a standardized view of your email and even have one waiting to be opened


The first thing to do when we create a new email account on any webmail is to go to settings, because that’s where color changes, and many other interesting options for setting up our email. Our settings panel is in the top right corner, right next to the username. Click on a turnstile and see the list that appears.

Clicking on “Options” will bring up your new account settings. From there you can edit the display name, add mobile number for security of your account and among other important information.

Still in options, you have access to this screen:

Hotmail-Sign-Up-7 Login

here are many options! But it is through them that you will make your browsing cleaner and safer, importing mailing lists, setting up junk mail, telling you which emails look like spam but are reliable, creating categories (super useful for organizing your folders, drafts and emails) and among other things.

Change Theme in Hotmail

You often use your Hotmail account for your job. Maybe the default design of Hotmail make you feel boring, you can change it and make it more exciting. Hotmail have many theme for you choose. You can follow a few steps:

Step 1: Go to your Hotmail account.

Step 2: Click icon cog on the right top page.

Step 3: Click Options.

Step 4: Choose General and click Change theme.

Step 5: You will see about 50 themes, you can click icon theme you want change to see it. When you see the theme suitable with you click Save on the top.

Note: Have a quicker method to change theme in Hotmail account. This is:

  1. Go to your Hotmail account.
  2. Click icon cog on the right top your account. Then click Change theme.

3. You will see about 50 themes, you can click icon theme you want change to see it. When you see the theme suitable with you click OK on the top box. step by step in video

But if what you really wanted to know was not to create a Hotmail account , because you already have yours but don’t remember how to sign in to Hotmail, check out our other tutorials .

Now if you still have any questions on how to sign in to Hotmail , check out the video tutorial and learn how to access your Hotmail inbox in a few steps.

It was easy, wasn’t it? Now you know how to sign in to your Hotmail.if you like this post share with friend on social networks